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HOST - How It Works

At the heart of HOST is our simple search interface that allows you to zero in on exactly the trades that meet your criteria. Once you’ve selected the market or markets that you’re interested in, you can refine your search in a number of ways:

  • Date – Find trades on a specific day or range of days.
  • Month – Find all trades in a given month.
  • Percentage Wins – Find trades with a minimum historical wins percentage.
  • P/L Ratio – Find trades with a minimum profit to loss ratio.
  • Duration – Find trades that last a certain number days (e.g., more than 7 and less than 28).

Once you’ve completed your search, the results are displayed in detail on our search results page.

The resulting trades can be easily sorted by any of the displayed column criteria and individual trades can be drilled down into for more details on the historical performance of the trade in question.

Of course, finding the best seasonal trades available is what HOST is all about. When you find the trade you’re looking for, HOST provides complete historical results and a detailed statistical analysis on every trade, including charts of annual and cumulative profits and losses.

Finally, you can easily save the trades that you’re most interested in to our saved trades area. Your saved trades can be further organized into folders that you can organize however you like. You can then return to your saved trades at your leisure.

That’s all there is to it. For a complete listing of our coverage in all of our 3 modules, click here.

Still have questions about HOST? Visit our FAQ.

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