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High Odds Seasonal Trades {HOST} online

Whether you're a beginner looking to intelligently participate in the on-going trading boom or a professional looking for the best seasonal research available, HOST Online is truly a remarkable resource. There is nothing else like it.

HOST is a database of seasonal Key Date Trades (KDTs) in commodities, commodities spreads and stocks! What is a seasonal KDT? It is a 100% objective trade with a precise pre-defined entry date, exit date and stop-loss.

HOST uses a sophisticated computerized search engine that analyzes billions of combinations of entry and exit dates and stop loss levels for the markets included in HOST. The program identifies high odds seasonal trades and then filters the trades for factors such as historical accuracy and trade length. For a complete list of all the markets covered by HOST, click here.

With HOST you know AHEAD OF TIME what markets you'll be trading, the historical risk/reward, stop loss, exact entry date, exact exit date, and all relevant performance statistics. You'll be so far ahead of other traders that you'll wonder why everyone doesn't trade based on seasonality.

What makes HOST so unique:                      

Many trades are shown back to their first year of trading. Most trades show history back to the 1960's and early 1970's. You won't find a more reliable and complete seasonal history anywhere. See our Coverage page for more details.

Stop Losses
HOST provides numerous stop loss levels for all of our seasonal trades. You pick the stop that you are comfortable with.

HOST provides a simple and powerful user interface so that you can find exactly the trades that you're looking for. Search for trades by date, month, P/L ratio, percentage wins, duration and stop loss levels.

HOST is the first database of seasonal trades with an extensive collection of key date trades in stocks. Find high accuracy trades in the likes of Microsoft, Intel, Boeing and more.

Options Traders
Want to trade options? Find the best seasonal trades that don't use any stop loss limits (since you're limiting your risk with the option).

Visit our How It Works page for more on HOST.         

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